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great food at great prices!

Stop in to try our amazing sushi and other great Japanese entrees. For reservations, call:

JMK Nippon is known for having the perfect appetizers to pair with any meal or to enjoy as a meal. Are you in the mood for some delicious calamari? Choose from a wide variety of hot and cold appetizers. Visit us to treat yourself today.

Mas' Special Appetizers

20% off sushi

during lunch!




Boiled Shrimp Dumplings

Jumbo Shumai


Extra Large Shrimp Dumplings Topped With A Whole Shrimp



Pork Pot-Stickers



Salted Soybeans



An Edamame Dumpling Containing A Wide Variety Of Vegetables With Hints Of Basil

Miso Tara


A Tender Black Cod Filet Marinated In A Sweet Miso Sauce And Cooked To Golden Perfection

Rick N’ Roll


Scallions Tightly Wrapped In Thinly Sliced Sirloin, Then Cooked And Served In Our Own Teriyaki Sauce



Chicken Served “Shish-Kabob” Style With Our Own Teriyaki Sauce

Shrimp Cocktail


Half Dozen



Tempura Appetizers







Smoked Salmon*


Served Sashimi Style With Sliced Onion And Lemon

Scallop Isobe-Yaki


Pan-Seared Sea Scallops Seasoned With Shichimi Togarashi And Wrapped In Nori

Salmon Miso-Zuke Appetizer


A Salmon Filet Marinated In A Sweet Miso Sauce And Cooked To Golden Perfection

Golden Flounder


Flounder Fried To Golden Perfection Served With A Yuzu Ponzu Sauce With Scallions And A Pinch Of Nanami Togarashi

Prime Hibachi


Prime Beef With Mushrooms, Carrots, And Broccoli Served On Your Own Hibachi Grill

(Only Available In The Masa Café.)

Sautéed Asari


Asari (Manila) Clams Sautéed With Garlic And Asparagus



Spinach Served With A Traditional Sweet Sesame Sauce

Gyu-Niku Ponzu


Thin Slices Of Rib-eye Topped With A Grated Daikon Radish and Served Rare In A Citrus Soy Vinaigrette

*Disclaimer: Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have a medical condition.


Maui Tuna


Teriyaki-Glazed Tuna, Pan-Seared And Served With A Refreshing Pineapple Shrimp Salsa



Thinly Sliced Filet Mignon Served Uncooked With Garlic Marinated Olive Oil, Topped With Slices Of Cherry Tomatoes and Fresh Basil



Super White Tuna Seared With Chili And Soy Sauce And Served With Japanese Squash

Tuna Tataki*


Fresh Tuna Steak Seared With Salt And Pepper And Garnished With Minced Tomato, Avocado, And Jalapeno

Pepper Tuna Tataki*


Tuna Rolled In Black Pepper, Lightly Cooked (Rare) And Served With Ponzu Sauce

C And R Shrimp


Shrimp Pan-Fried In Extra Virgin Olive Oil And Seasoned In A Mild Blend Of Thirteen Different Spices

Ai Gamo


Tender Filet Of Duck Served In A Delightful Orange Sauce Which Is Prepared With Cointreau And Grand Mariner

Okinawan Poppers


Shelled Jalapenos Filled With Cream Cheese And Your Choice Of Spicy Soft Shell Crab Or Spicy Tuna, Dipped In Tempura Batter, Lightly Fried, And Drizzled With Unagi Sauce And Served On A Bed Of Tempura Crunches

Salmon Tar-Tar*


Salmon and Tomatoes With A Creamy Herb Sauce Served Over A Bed Of Cucumbers


Also Available With Tuna

Yokohama Filet


Filet Mignon Wrapped In Ohba Leaf And A Light Pastry Shell, Served In Our Special Ohba Miso Sauce

Mas’ Special Soft Shell Crab


Soft Shell Crab and Asparagus Wrapped Delicately In Kelp And A Light Pastry Shell, Served Golden Fried And Topped With Spicy Mayo

Mas’ Special Salmon


A Fresh Salmon Steak Wrapped In Japanese Basil, Kelp, And A Light Pastry Shell, Served Golden Fried And Drizzled With Spicy Mayo

Dragon Scales


Spicy Tuna Wrapped In Ohba Leaves, Tempura Dipped And Lightly Fried

Salmon Ginger Ceviche*


Hand-Cut Salmon Served With Cilantro Cucumber, And Jalapeno With A Ginger Lemon Soy

Hamachi Ginger Ceviche*


Hand-Cut Hamachi Served With Cilantro, Cucumber, And Jalapeno With A Ginger Lemon Soy

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